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Our fees are fair, reasonable and very competitive. Depending on the case, there are three kinds of attorney's fees:

• Fixed or Flat Rate
• Hourly
• Contingency or Percentage of Recovery

Here are some examples of cases where we can often give a set price:

• $100 - Initial Consultation
• $600 - Basic Divorce
• $500 - Criminal Case (misdemeanor preliminary hearing)
• $900 - Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Our hourly rate is $160 per hour. This method of billing is used when it is not possible to give a set price in advance, for example, where the case is unusual or involves unexpected complications.

The contingency method of billing is less common than the first two. It may be used in cases involving personal injury or debt collection. When this method is used, the attorney gets a percentage of the amount recovered. The percentage varies from case to case but is typically between 20% and 33%.



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