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Cases We Did

Criminal Jury Trials

We have thirty years of experience handling criminal cases. We have experience at every level and every stage of the criminal process, from the moment of arrest through the final verdict at trial (and beyond the trial level in cases where an appeal is taken to a higher court). We prepare our cases carefully and present them effectively. Our last six jury trials have resulted in a NOT GUILTY verdict in four of the six cases (and a fifth case was REVERSED ON APPEAL). Five of the six defendants were released from prison (or never served time in the first place)

Family Law

We have represented both sides in every aspect of every kind of family law case, including the husband in a divorce, wife in a divorce, father in a custody dispute, mother in a custody dispute, etc. We have successfully argued in several custody cases that the father should have primary custody (It is no longer the case that "the mother always wins"). We have had PFA cases dismissed. We have obtained favorable property division in divorce cases, sometimes including post divorce alimony.


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